Terms Of Use

This document describes the usage terms and conditions. When registering and/or logging in you accept the currently valid terms.

Updates to those terms might be published without any announcement. Upon using the site the next time or interfering with it's API through third party apps you also accept any updates to the terms below.

  • Memes are really the only content allowed on here. This also means:
  • No promotional accounts or posts
  • No spam (multiple reposts/comments/messages/etc.)
  • No harassment of any kind
  • Admins and/or mods may terminate accounts violating above rules
  • Admins and/or mods are not required to give any reasoning
  • Asking for reasoning is okay but may be ignored in some cases
  • This applies to suspensions/blocks as well as deletion of content
  • Content might get lost on upgrades, crashes, bugs or other accidents

The rules above only serve as an orientation for users. Final interpretation is up to admins and/or mods.